Odborníci ? Ano - ale v čem ?


Expert at what?

Václav Klaus's chief crisis agent, Vlastimil Tlustý, told ČT 24 that he thinks we can exclude the possibility that the current or similar Topolánek government will rule the country until the end of the EU presidency. Everything, Tlustý said, is quickly heading toward a temporary, technocratic, anticrisis, expert government. "Expert at what," is the question many people are asking? Expert at cutting government waste, watching the spending, eliminating the corruption, and restoring the country's damaged reputation? "Hip, hip, hooray!" would be the response of most voters. Or will the Klaus solution mean the repartitioning of government deals aminy a tight group of loyalists, a complete disregard for how the country is perceived abroad, a further breakdown in the rule of law, and a palpable shift toward the murky East. "Time to emigrate," many voters would say. "Experts" taking part in such a government might find that the damage to their reputation far outweighs any professional or personal benefits.